Cover Patio through the Ages: The Dragon Awnings Saga

Patio Covers through the Ages: The Dragon Awnings Saga

Picture this: an era without the cool embrace of patio covers, leaving us at the mercy of the elements. Let us take you on a fascinating journey through history, where awnings and pergolas traverse epochs, with Dragon Awnings leading this extraordinary odyssey.

Pharaoh’s Shade: We commence our tale in ancient Egypt, where early attempts at sun protection involved shaded nooks created from woven mats. Early awnings shielded pharaohs from the scorching sun, proving that even ancient rulers valued shelter.

Shaded Odyssey of Greece: Skipping to ancient Greece, where landscapes were adorned with grapevine-covered pergolas. These were not just structures; they were an embrace of nature, conducive to deep conversations and perhaps a bit of gossip.

Renaissance Feast: A quick leap to the Renaissance, where outdoor spaces regained popularity. Pergolas adorned with intricate designs reigned in royal gardens, serving as a backdrop for poetry, art, and undoubtedly some dramatic romances.

Colonial Elegance: As Europeans sailed to new lands, they carried the charm of pergolas with them. Verandas and covered patios became the epitome of colonial elegance, offering shelter without sacrificing style.

19th Century Revelations: The 19th century brought rollable awnings, originally made from oil-soaked canvas. Sunbrella patented this innovation, allowing people to

control their destiny of shade with a simple crank. Ah, the power!

Roar of the Dragon: Back to the present, where Dragon Awnings takes the stage. As a manufacturer designing its own technologies, Dragon brings a modern twist to outdoor comfort. And you know what? Wolfix is the key importer of this brand to Ireland.

cover patio


awning fitted in Lucan


awning fitted in Portarlington

Wind Sensors and Somfy Magic: Safety takes center stage thanks to Dragon’s security systems. These awnings are practically meteorologists, folding at the slightest breeze. Somfy electric motors add a touch of magic – no more cranking; it’s all about the futuristic push of a button.

Rain Cover and Sharp Riposte: But what’s up with Dragon Awnings? In addition to the cool 10-year warranty (which is pretty awesome), they are the perfect rain shelter. Think of it as a heavenly umbrella that opens the door to your favorite garden even during a downpour. Safe, stylish, and with a touch of humor – because rain can be as comical as it is unpredictable.

As we trace the evolution of awnings and pergolas, Dragon stands as a symbol of progress. Join the ranks of outdoor-conscious individuals and discover the Dragon – where history meets innovation, and your patio becomes the stage.

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